This Morning -November 2017
A survey has revealed one-third of under 25s are likely to refuse to wear a poppy with many saying they feel it glorifies war. So is the poppy a symbol of respect to our fallen heroes or does it glorify a tragic loss of life? Joining This Morning to debate this is retired RAF officer John Nichol, who wears his red poppy with pride, and Adam Spiers, who instead chooses to wear a white poppy as a symbol of peace.

BBC Radio 5 Live
-November 2017
A brief discussion regarding the Royal British Legion and poppies on BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Drive’ programme.

Premier Christian Radio
The News Hour -February 2018
Interview by Premier’s Tola Mbakwe regarding Theresa May’s announcement of review into tuition fees. Linked article by Alex Williams. Interview at bottom of page.

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