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This is a summary of work I have had featured elsewhere.  Some is original, and some has been adapted from pieces from this site.

Church Action on Poverty

Has the Church Abandoned the Poor? – February 2019
Some interesting thoughts on class, poverty and the Church of England here, in a blog by Adam Spiers, a campaigner and supporter of Church Action on Poverty.  Adapted from a post on this blog.

Church Times

When words are not enough – September 2019
Adam Spiers reflects on the recent Youth Interfaith Weekend that he attended at Taizé, France.

Just enough cause for action? – November 2019
Adam Spiers reflects on the recent liberation-theology conference in Sunderland.

The protestations of grief – February 2020
How can Christians worship under the threat of societal collapse, wonders Adam Spiers.

Student Christian Movement

A New Evangelism? – April 2016
‘What does evangelism look like in the modern, messy world we live in? Adam Spiers, President of Exeter MethAng, says evangelism is more about discipleship – and argues we all need to rethink how we go about it.’

Helping Refugees is Crucial to Our Faith – May 2016
‘Exeter MethAng Society member Adam Spiers tells us why he thinks the Bible is clear on how we should treat refugees.’

Love Conquers All – June 2016
‘This blog post is written by Adam Spiers, a straight male who is a member of Exeter MethAng. It is adapted from a reflection Adam gave at a vigil in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando, organised by the University of Exeter’s LGBTQ+ society.’

Student Christianity: Is There Another Way? – September 2016
A report from the SCM panel event at Greenbelt 2016. The panellists looked at chaplaincy, outreach, worship, and theology in a university campus setting.

The Church and Social Class: Breaking Down Divisions – October 2016
‘The church has a problem with class – often letting the talents of those from working class backgrounds go unheard. So how do we combat this culture and make sure our church communities are welcoming of all?’ Adapted from a post on this blog and published in the SCM magazine.

Vocation is for Everyone – March 2017
‘Adam Spiers, SCM member and participant at the recent ‘Called to Be’ SCM gathering in Manchester, reflects on a weekend exploring vocation.’

GE 2017: Two SCM Members Put Forward Their Political Viewpoints – May 2017
‘SCM members Rhys and Adam give their very opposite takes on the upcoming General Election.’

Joy in Enough: Politics for People and Planet – December 2017
SCM member and postgrad student, Adam Spiers, tells us about the recent Joy in Enough ‘big workshop’ in Sheffield. Adapted from a post on this blog, and also featured in New Roots.

Pilgrimage – January 2019
A devotional on Micah 4:1-4 and the theme of pilgrimage.

We Could Not, So Help Us God, Do Otherwise – April 2019
‘We cannot, so help us God, simply allow the Earth and its inhabitants, human and non-human, to go up in flames because of the greed and hubris of a few rich people and the indifference they have fostered in our population.’  Also featured in New Roots.

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