Bread and Rosaries

Bread and Rosaries is a new podcast hosted by Ben Molyneux-Hetherington and Adam Spiers. It covers topics concerning Christianity and leftist politics from a UK perspective and is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and right here!

Episode 1 – The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer Bread and Rosaries

We chat about The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, its interesting financial arrangements, and what on earth Christian Heritage means. We also talk about Barbados, breaking international law and David Icke. Find us here:Facebook – – @Bread_RosariesEmail – breadandrosaries@gmail.comBen – @molonoAdam – @CommieXianOur theme song is good morning by Amine Maxwell, available here: is licensed under CC BY 3.0 – outro is This Is What You Did by This Is The Kit, who are the most underrated band in the UK. There's also a snippet of Blue Crow by Hayden Thorpe.
  1. Episode 1 – The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer
  2. Ep 0 – Introduction

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