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Bread and Rosaries is a new podcast hosted by Ben Molyneux-Hetherington and Adam Spiers. It covers topics concerning Christianity and leftist politics from a UK perspective and is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and right here!

Episode 15a – Bonus Mind Grapes! Bread and Rosaries

Because the way our episodes are numbered aren't already stupid enough, we've added letters into the mix. We fired off some hot takes that got cut from last week's episode in order to keep the run time below an hour, but we didn't want to deprive the world of our nonsense, so here's a bonus episode. This is a very rough and ready cut, but we thought we'd throw it out with very minimal editing. We chat about some big names – NT Wright, Keir Starmer, Eugene Peterson – and we're actively rude about at least two of them. Content note: Between roughly 25 minutes and 29 minutes of the podcast, we discuss sexual and spiritual abuse in detail. We then discuss the issue for the rest of the episode. Please do skip this segment if that's what's best for you.You can find us, and a bunch of other cool stuff relating to leftism and Christianity, here: Find us here:Facebook – – @Bread_RosariesEmail – breadandrosaries@gmail.comBen – @molonoAdam – @CommieXianOur theme song is good morning by Amine Maxwell, available here: It is licensed under CC BY 3.0 –
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