Bread and Rosaries

Bread and Rosaries is a new podcast hosted by Ben Molyneux-Hetherington and Adam Spiers. It covers topics concerning Christianity and leftist politics from a UK perspective and is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and right here!

Episode 16 – Hillsong Bread and Rosaries

Content note: between 16 minutes 40 seconds and 21 minutes, we discuss child sexual abuse fairly extensively. Please do skip past this segment if that's what's right for you. Our short break ended up taking 6 months, but we are back with our second season! Recorded a couple of months ago, in this episode we talk about Hillsong church, debate who was the biggest Hillsong fanboy and discuss what drugs Jesus would distribute. We discuss a documentary that can be watched on BBC iPlayer here: You can find us, and a bunch of other cool stuff relating to leftism and Christianity, here: Find us here:Facebook – – @Bread_RosariesEmail – breadandrosaries@gmail.comBen – @molonoAdam – @CommieXianOur outro music is Mobile by The Mountain GoatsOur theme song is good morning by Amine Maxwell, available here: It is licensed under CC BY 3.0 –
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